Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, this week was a lot of nothing. I noticed that as I was sitting in my room eating a bowl of cereal on my bed. I came to the realization that since I quit my job 95% of my time has been taken up by sitting around the house not doing much of anything. I know most of you are thinking right now "Oh man, I would kill for that!" I promise, it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's actually really depressing. I want to go out, get up, do something, but my mind says to me "Sit there. Do nothing." I need to snap out of it. I need to stop waiting to get invited to something and start making plans of my own.
But in true fashion of the blog, my action will relate to a mixtape.

Sit There. Do Nothing.
Trip-Hop/Lounge Mixtape

Trip-Hop is one of those genres that runs deep with me. In high school, I took a lot of adderall, a LOT, about 75 mg a day (normal dosage around 30-60mg.) It's the only way I could efficiently finish my work. And it did; I ended up finishing high school in 3 years time. But there's always a negative to a positive. I would spend the rest of the day coming down from it. I would play instruments, program glitch and downtempo songs, not eat, stare around my room, not eat, find new music, read, and not eat. Trip-Hop was one of those things that I just saw a lot of beauty in during that time. Dreamful soundscapes. It was the only thing that could lull me to sleep when I was cracked out.

Traditionally, Trip-Hop producers use a lot of the same technics used in Hip-Hop productions. MPCs, synths, samplers, and turntables. Most Trip-Hop is instrumental with maybe one or to vocal samples mashed into a track.


  1. All in Forms - Bonobo
  2. Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer - Blockhead
  3. Headroom - Matterhorn
  4. Bittersweet Symphony (UNKLE Remix) - The Verve
  5. Grim Advantage Pt. 1 - Egadz!
  6. Birds Of Prey - Architeq
  7. Number 41 - Dosh ft. Andrew Bird
  8. Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches
  9. Hands - Four Tet
  10. Head in Colour - Nightmares on Wax
  11. A Grand Love Theme - Kid Loco
  12. Temper - Dabrye
  13. Moon - Little People
  14. Cascade - Tycho
  15. Blue Little - 1032
  16. What We Are Destined To Do - Egadz!
Find your favourite track and buy an album from that artist. I promise that you will find more gold.

More goodies next week.


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