Friday, June 25, 2010


It's been really rough stressing about this mixtape. I've completely neglected this blog since I started working on this project. But I couldn't be happier with the results.
This is my first time Producing a project this large. Eight tracks of dancefloor-approved crunk/electro mashups. I'm sorry it took so long and sorry I've neglected your weekly mixtapes in the process, but I assure you that things will be going back to normal very soon. Until then, enjoy the mixtape. Give it to your friends. Dance to it in parking lots. Ghost ride everything you own.

Handmade Mashup Mixtape


1. Enginite {LA Priest//Big Boi}
(Engine vs. Kryptonite)

2. Put Everything Up {Zero 7 [Joker &Ginz]//Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz}
(Everything Up [Joker & Ginz Remix] vs. Put Yo Hood Up)

3. h30 Poppin {Danger//TI}
(4h30 vs. Big Things Poppin)

4. I Got This Under Control {SMD//Missy Elliott}
(I Got This vs. Lose Control)

5. Zombie Tippin' {Breakbot [NEUS]//Mike Jones}
(Iron Zombie [NEUS Remix] vs. Still Tippin)

6. Fly Kid {The Amplifetes [Blende]//Three 6 Mafia}
(Whizz Kid [Blende Remix] vs. Stay Fly)

7. Night Shaker {Siriusmo//Ying Yang Twins}
(Nights Off vs. Salt Shaker)

8. Sensual Spinoff {Justin Faust [Cyndi Seui]//Snoop Dogg}
(Capri Spinoff [Cyndi Seui Remix] vs. Sensual Seduction)

Streaming Full Mix:

Big thanks to Kate King, Cooper Brinson, Whitney Brammer, Dennis Matesic (for the BA album art), Jan Streekstra, Dickie Gustafson and all of the blog followers!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


This past month I've been working on a mashup project called "Thunder//Crunk" and it's REALLY close to be finished. I've been trying to keep it pretty quiet. Wouldn't want to ruin the suprise!

Since I haven't been uploading many mixtapes during this time, I thought I'd give you a 3 track preview. Get amped. If this goes right, It's going to be pretty huge.

TvT - Enginite {LA Priest//Big Boi}

TvT - Sensual Spinoff {Justin Faust [Cyndi Seui]//Snoop Dogg}

TvT - Fly Kid {The Amplifetes [Blende]//Three 6 Mafia}

Monday, May 17, 2010

Down, the soundtrack for it.

I'll be honest, this week was left a lot to be desired. I'd love to bare all, but for the respect of others that would be less than appropriate. And in times like these, I have a fall back in my music. There is a certain genre that has been there for me in my time of need. Whenever I'm feeling pensive or feeling as though I need to rest my head, I listen to Downtempo. I have a large collection of it. I always have. When I was first discovering my tastes in the music world, a good friend of mine recommended that I take the time to listen to The Album Leaf. I needed this type of music before I even knew what it was called. From there I began my research. I ran across a band that made me rethink what was possible in music, Telefon Tel Aviv. I mean this in the least cheesy way possible: This band changed my life. So I decided that it would be only fair to start this mixtape with one of their tracks.


Death to Your Destroyer

Downtempo Mixtape

I'll try to explain this genre as best as I can without rambling on about it. Downtempo means a lot to me, so I have quite a bit to say about it. I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Downtempo is pretty self explanatory. Traditionally, Downtempo keeps below about 85 BPM. It's glittery and beautiful; harmonic and relaxing; both simple and complex. Think ambient music with rythymic features and a lot more production time.

This genre will always have a very dear place in my heart, I have a lot of memories this music has invested in. I hope the same happens for you.


  1. Fahrenheit Fair Enough - Telefon Tel Aviv
  2. Nude - Three Leaves and A Head
  3. Within Dreams - The Album Leaf
  4. Satellite Anthem Icarus - Boards of Canada
  5. You're Better Off (Dntel mix) - Erin Lang
  6. There Is No There - The Books
  7. Faking the Books - Lali Puna
  8. Love Your Abuser - Lymbyc Systym
  9. Caresses - M83
  10. The City - Milosh
  11. Last Songs - Dntel
  12. Shadows (M83 Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts
  13. September Song - The Album Leaf
  14. Freedom Blade - This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym
  15. The Inner Shore - Tim Hecker
  16. The Disconnect - Tycho
  17. Afterclap - 13 & God

There it is. I hope you can see and feel what I do in this genre.
Good luck this week.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here's a clue to tomorrow's mixtape and also what's going on in my life:

Erin Lang - You're Better Off (Dntel mix)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Emergency Mashup Mixtape

So, I'll be honest. I forgot about yesterday. Posting a mixtape didn't even cross my mind until 1 AM this morning. Last weekend was Exhausting. Yes, capital "e." We had House Party 4 on Saturday, and those of you that went know why I'm exhausted. It was massive. We packed that place to the walls. I haven't danced that hard in years, and I was behind the tables for the most of it. So, last minute, I put together this emergency mashup mixtape and it is tasty.

Mashup Mixtape

In true fashion of Mashup, I tried to include as many genres as possible. That why Mashups are so appealing. It's taking one thing and another thing that is much unlike the other and forcing them to get along. It's a bit of an ironic genre, which is why it probably had such an appeal to the "cool kid crowd." Most of these tracks are new gems. A lot of you that follow this blog have a fair collection of mashups, so I wanted to give you some that you probably didn't already have. Hopefully I succeeded.

  1. Everybody's Everyday Girl (DJ BC Mashup) - Fleetwod Mac vs. Snoop Dogg vs. Q-tip
  2. XXX Girl From Ipanema (G3RSt mashup) - Peaches vs Rayitodesol
  3. Golden Ghostwriter (Tone-E Mashup) - Jurassic 5 vs. RJD2
  4. Hurt Wit Chu (Pheugoo mashup) - Queens of the Stone Age vs. Johnny Cash
  5. Shook (Emancipator Mash Up) - Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep
  6. islands is the limit [Wait What Mashup] - the notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx
  7. Official Maps (TGIK Mashup) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Vs. Cassie
  8. Smoke Sumthin' (El Gingero) - El Ten Eleven vs Clipse
  9. Call Me Uprising (CJR Mashup) - Muse vs. Blondie
  10. Save Me Concubine (The Hood Internet) - Ghostface Killah vs Beirut
  11. Say Yes And Fly Away (Clive$ter Mashup) - Wax Tailor vs. Goldfrapp
  12. Praise Outkast - The White Panda
  13. Got to Give Up the Dancefloor (DJ Earworm Mashup) - Marvin Gaye vs. Stylophonic
  14. Atlas Boyz (Diplo Mashup) - Battles vs. MIA
  15. Intergalactic Robot (Adam S Mashup) - Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk
  16. Giving Up The Sunshowers (The Hood Internet Mashup) - M.I.A. vs Vampire Weekend
  17. Banging on Mars (Brand-x Mashup) - Rye Rye & Fake Blood
  18. Thug-h30 (Vodka & Milk Mash) feat. Tupac - Danger Vs. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lazer Disco, I made you something.

4 days, 4 DAYS...
It was 4 days ago that I started working on this edit, and I have been focusing on nothing but it.
I just got the necessary software to pull apart songs and remix them. I've been wanting to edit Chic's I want you love for the longest time. Chic songs are perfect for nudisco remixes. So, fruit of my labor, all yours. Make a parfait with it, a salad, give it to your teacher in hopes of impressing her, whatever. Regardless, let me know what you think.

Chic - I Want Your Love (TvT's Snuggler Edit)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Those of you that are wondering why I ramble about Max/MSP so much, it's because you can do this kind of stuff: