Friday, June 25, 2010


It's been really rough stressing about this mixtape. I've completely neglected this blog since I started working on this project. But I couldn't be happier with the results.
This is my first time Producing a project this large. Eight tracks of dancefloor-approved crunk/electro mashups. I'm sorry it took so long and sorry I've neglected your weekly mixtapes in the process, but I assure you that things will be going back to normal very soon. Until then, enjoy the mixtape. Give it to your friends. Dance to it in parking lots. Ghost ride everything you own.

Handmade Mashup Mixtape


1. Enginite {LA Priest//Big Boi}
(Engine vs. Kryptonite)

2. Put Everything Up {Zero 7 [Joker &Ginz]//Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz}
(Everything Up [Joker & Ginz Remix] vs. Put Yo Hood Up)

3. h30 Poppin {Danger//TI}
(4h30 vs. Big Things Poppin)

4. I Got This Under Control {SMD//Missy Elliott}
(I Got This vs. Lose Control)

5. Zombie Tippin' {Breakbot [NEUS]//Mike Jones}
(Iron Zombie [NEUS Remix] vs. Still Tippin)

6. Fly Kid {The Amplifetes [Blende]//Three 6 Mafia}
(Whizz Kid [Blende Remix] vs. Stay Fly)

7. Night Shaker {Siriusmo//Ying Yang Twins}
(Nights Off vs. Salt Shaker)

8. Sensual Spinoff {Justin Faust [Cyndi Seui]//Snoop Dogg}
(Capri Spinoff [Cyndi Seui Remix] vs. Sensual Seduction)

Streaming Full Mix:

Big thanks to Kate King, Cooper Brinson, Whitney Brammer, Dennis Matesic (for the BA album art), Jan Streekstra, Dickie Gustafson and all of the blog followers!

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  1. hey just found this blog lookin for sommin completely else but this mix for starters is wicked. so is the rest on here. keep it up! love it!!